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Art - Landscape and Nature -



Photography was an early passion of mine, when we were still using film (I had a Praktica MTL50, and later an Olympus OM1N). Here I have put a selection of pictures I have taken over the years into four galleries. Click the thumbnails to view each gallery. I hope you enjoy looking through them.


Please contact me if you are interested in using any of my photographs for anything, or if you are thinking of having a print made. Thank you!


This gallery shows a collection of colour photography taken with both 35 mm film SLR and digital SLR.

Taken in the 1990s my black and white film photos emerged from many hours spent in the darkroom.

This gallery shows landscape photographs taken in the beautiful Llyn Peninsula in north west Wales.

2800_Vanessa cow_vanessa granada_vanessa

Colour Photo Gallery

Black & White Photo Gallery

North Wales Photo Gallery